Unfortunately, we are living in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has required our everyday lives to change dramatically. No more are we able to chat at our shop, browse, socialise and meet new Friends. I miss so much seeing my regular customers who over the years have now become Friends. I miss our chats of varying subjects and keeping up to date. Hopefully this cruel disease will be over soon completely so we are able to enjoy all the things we miss so much. However, I think this may take a transition period, where we have to adapt and find a “New Normal”. At the moment, although you cannot see me, I am still working in the background. I am making preparations’ for when the shop will be open again. Government guidelines have been set, which will be upheld by the shop. We will also be intoducing additional measures to ensure customer safety – which will always be our priority. We will let you know when The Collection Gift Shop is open again on the website news page, Facebook or you can sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) for Email updates. Don’t forget our Online Shop is open to purchase items, although not the full range. Please stay safe until we are able to meet again in person!